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Puur Noord | Episode 44 | Jongeren Filmfestival, MVO met personeel en Black Poison

    Puur Noord

    Episode 44: Jongeren Filmfestival, MVO met personeel en Black Poison

    First aired: Friday, 13 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord; the road to Hollywood begins at the Youth Film Festival in Assen, corporate social responsibility with staff and Jeroen Los talks about his street dance group Black Poison. this weekend they join the NK street and show dance. Singersongwriter Mell comes today so in the show.

    Jongeren Film Festival

    On Sunday, November 15th, 2015 the Youth Film Festival is held in Assen. It's been for the 6th time NOVA / north and organizes this festival every year, interest has grown for it. The hall is open at 10.00 o 'clock.

    Website: http://www.nova-noord.nl, www.beilervideoclub.nl

    Corporate social responsibility to staff. Is that possible?

    UWV organizes together with ARIS Leeuwarden and platform Energie'k an employers meeting: "Labour Market Participation '
    During this meeting, like there is information on how to apply corporate social responsibility efforts with vulnerable groups in our society. Think of engaging with young disabled people, 55plussers and employees with a disability benefit. Eventually, the UWV hopes to establish a platform for companies and organizations who want to show their face in society in this way.

    Black Poison

    Jeroen Los's coach of street dance group The Black Poison from Steenwijk. After the previous coach stopped threatening to disintegrate the group. Jeroen all joined and now they are at the Dutch championship. In the two years that the group has been dancing there are surprisingly many awards at several dance competitions of various dance associations. It resulted in a placement at the European Championships in Poland but because the trip to Poland was too expensive they could not dance at the European Championships. Now, next year's European Championship possible in Steenwijk and Black Poison can dance a home game. There is a but ... Sunday, they must finish in the top three at Dutch championship for placement.

    Singer MELL

    MELL is a singer who writes her own songs. she was involved with The Voice of Holland 5 and ended in the quarterfinals!

    Website: http://www.mellmusic.nl
    Facebook: MELL

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