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N Channel | Episode 4 | Wytze Rijke

    N Channel

    Episode 4 : Wytze Rijke

    First aired: Tuesday, 17 November 2015 at 18.24 hours

    Wytze Rich is director of the Technology Center North Netherlands (TCNN). The institution is strongly committed to cooperation in the field of technical innovation among SMEs in North Netherlands and regional research institutions.

    Wytze Rich is director of the Technology Center North Netherlands (TCNN). "We are trying to innovate with SMEs. The subject to discussion at smaller companies."
    Because directors are willing to innovate, but they are often too busy tomorrow. "It does not come from," said Rich. "You have to think about how your business will look like in ten years."

    Northern Netherlands scores as rich a 7 on innovation. "The Randstad is doing better. There are many traditional businesses in the North, but there is certainly innovative."

    For example, "smart industry" enormously useful for these companies. "That's going to know about efficient processes and your product in detail."

    The problems that companies encounter start-up according to Rich also in nature. "If you run into a ceiling, then look how Mother Nature solves. For the development of a sustainable CO2-sensor example, examined how the malaria mosquito detects CO2. "

    TCNN also received funds for addressing oil pollution on the Wadden. "We look at how we can mechanically remove the oil from mudflats."

    Innovation does not have to be groundbreaking. "It's about the innovation process," says Rich. "Many companies have no R & D department."

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