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48-Hour Film Project | Episode 2 | Vier Meter

    48-Hour Film Project

    Episode 2: Vier Meter

    First aired: Tuesday, 17 November 2015 at 18.48 hours

    Vier meter is the winner of the 48 Hour Film Project 2014 Leeuwarden. The film was made by team Rockpaperscissors had the genre Film de Femme. The film won not only in Leeuwarden, but was also one of the ten films nominated for Best Film in Hollywood and was also screened at Cannes.

    Robin van Gelder wrote with Ruben van Duijn and Jurriaan van Eerten the script for the short film 'Vier Meter', a film that was made in the context of the 48 Hours Film Project. All teams in 2014 were along the genre for their short film and three items to be included in the movie: the character Mark of Margret Havinga the referee, as a prop Frisian Flag and the phrase, "You look like I could use a drink".

    'Vier Meter' is about when the van of a young woman breaks down, she turns to two local fishermen for help. The two boys, however, have far different things on their mind than helping the lady in need. The cast includes Gijs Blom, Brigitte Lagcher and Jonas Smulders.

    Website: www.48hourfilm.com/leeuwarden-nl
    Facebook: 48HFPLeeuwarden
    Twitter: @48HFPLeeuwarden

    About this program:

    In 48-Hour Film Project short films are shown from four to seven minutes. 48-Hour Film Project is a competition where teams of filmmakers, a genre, a character, a prop and get a dialogue assigned. The teams then have 48 hours to make a short film in which these elements are incorporated.

    In the weekend prior to the Northern Film Festival (1 t / m November 3, 2015), more than 20 teams from Leeuwarden and surroundings have accepted the challenge. The short films which have been made by the teams during the festival on November 14, 2015 shown followed by the prize ceremony by the jury; actor Hugo Metsers, Friese director Mirjam de With and award winning screenwriter Chiel van der Wolf.

    The Frisian filmmaker Bart Doctor organizes this edition Leeuwarden after he has competed several times at the Utrecht edition, where in 2011 he won the prize for best director with his 48-Hour Film "Frank".

    Every Tuesday from 18.50uur Podium.TV will broadcast the films produced in previous years, before there are pictures of this year to see.