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Puur Noord | Episode 46 | Nyk de Vries en Geert Pruiksma

    Puur Noord

    Episode 46: Nyk de Vries en Geert Pruiksma

    First aired: Wednesday, 18 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of PuurNoord Annette Timmer chats with Nyk de Vries about his new novel 'Renger' and with Geert Pruiksma about visual arts by Jan Steen.

    Nyk de Vries was born in Noordbergum and studied history in Groningen. He's a writer, performer and radio and theatre maker. He played in the band Meinder Talma & the Negroes. He's also worked together with his history buddy on other creative areas. In 2010 he won the 'Belcampo-Stipendium'. His bundle 'De Dingen Gebeuren Omdat Ze rijmen' (2011) with short stories was nominated for the J.C. Bloemprijs. In 2013 'Glans' came out, a proze about his time as an employee in the IKEA in Groningen. Now he's written a novel about a Frisian boy who wants to be an artist but finds it difficult to break free of his fathers expectations. 'Renger' has a lot of elements which are close to reality. The presentation is in Pulp Clup in Leeuwarden om November 21nd.

    Website: www.nykdev.nl

    Art-/architecturehistoricus Geert Pruiksma is involved in many different expositions as a producer, teacher and author. Geert joins us regularly to talk about the things he notices in his discipline. This time he shines a light on visual artist Jan Steen from Den Andel. Jan Steen uses his work in typical situations where people want to fly and they can't. Another theme is about balance. He shapes this  in brass statues and two dimensional work. Until December 6th this can be see on the exposition 'Jan Steen & Vrienden, de gevleugelde verbeelding' at Pictura in Groningen. Herman van Hoogdalem, John Stoel, Patricia Suer and Koen van der Velden have taken a look at him and one of them combined their own work with a bird-person by Steen.

    Website: www.jansteen.info en www.pictura-groningen.nl

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