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Toneelmeesters | Episode 10 | Theater de Winsinghhof in Roden


    Episode 10: Theater de Winsinghhof in Roden

    First aired: Wednesday, 18 November 2015 at 17.32 hours

    In Toneelmeesters we take a look behind the scenes in large well-known theaters but also in smaller unknown venues. This week we are guests in the smallest theater of the north, theater de Winsinghof in Roden. Director Ids Dijkstra gives us a tour around the venue.

    In Roden the smallest theater of the north is situated in an old farmhouse which has been transformed into a beautiful theater with all the latest technical and modern gadgets and with a good and successful program. Theater de Winsinghhof has a capacity of 147 seats and every year they succeed in showing about 60 professional shows. These artists often play in big theaters but also are happy to visit Roden, because of the intimacy of this theater. Since 2013 the theater also functions as a movie theater. The visitors almost literally sit on the artists lap and the familiar, cozy setting with a living room atmosphere make this theater special. Theatre director Ids Dijkstra shows us around in the theater and we find out that the Winsinghof is part of a larger estate. Therefore presenter Arno van der Heyden visits the Havezanten and the Landskeuken where he speaks with Carolina Verhoeven. Back in the theater we see rehearsals of ‘Het Jeugdtheater’ and a brief conversation with Marianne Baker follows. She is a teacher of ‘Het Jeugdtheater’. Also this time a good theater-tip from the presenter!

    Website: www.theaterdewinsinghhof.nl
    Facebook: Theater de Winsinghhof 
    Twitter: @winsinghhof


    About this program:

    Toneelmeesters is een televisieprogramma over en vanuit één van de vele theaters in het Noorden van ons land. Presentator Arno van der Heyden gaat op zoek naar allerlei wetenswaardigheden en naar diverse voorstellingen. Tijdens het programma krijgt de kijker een kijkje achter de schermen bij zowel de grote bekende theaters als de kleine onbekende zalen.

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