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Puur Noord | Episode 48 | Hostpital Nij Smellinghe, Design & Lifestyle manifestatie and Mooi Wark

    Puur Noord

    Episode 48: Hostpital Nij Smellinghe, Design & Lifestyle manifestatie and Mooi Wark

    First aired: Friday, 20 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord, hospital Nij Smellinghe had a top three scores in AD test, Design and Lifestyle manifestation in Zuidlaren and music from Mooi Wark.

    Friese hospitals scores well

    Nij Smellinghe Hospital in Drachten scored the third position and the Tjongerschans hospital in Heerenveen has good fourth place in the quality of the AD. The election is a huge boost for Nij Smellinghe, after a year of tragedy which the hospital had to give up the bankrupt hospital the Sionsberg in Dokkum. Drachtster the hospital has made a huge leap in the list of the AD. Through more attention to the quality steeeg hospital from twelfth to third place.

    Website: http://www.nijsmellinghe.nl

    Design & Lifestyle manifestation Zuidlaren

    In the Doe Museum Zuidlaren is organizing on 21 and 22 November the first edition of Design & Lifestyle manifestation. Visitors can enjoy many fun stalls with beautiful and delicious products. Apart from the Designer and Lifestyle manifestation can of course also visited the museum, which currently see the great exhibition of Banksy, the famous graffiti artist in the world. In the Doe Museum is also the world's largest indoor sand sculpture exhibition, a beautiful LEGO exhibition, paintings and glass exhibition. The nice thing about the museum is that visitors do itself can work as a painter, graffiti, Lego or sand artist.

    Website: http://doemuseum-prinsbernhardhoeve.nl

    Mooi Wark

    As big fans Bert Koops and Henk Oosting started to compose their own songs in the Drenthe after the band Normaal. The absence of the real success began after two years of turmoil which originated in the band. The band has many changes, but the current band consists of Bert Koops on vocals and guitar, Arnold Kuik also on vocals and guitar and William Bossong on bass and vocals. They recently released a new single that they are going to play in the studio and Bert Koops talks about further developments around Mooi Wark.

    Website: http://www.mooiwark.nl
    [p]Facebook:Mooi Wark

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