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SPORT | Episode 105 | Soccer,handball, volleyball, hockey, korfball and rugby


    Episode 105: Soccer,handball, volleyball, hockey, korfball and rugby

    First aired: Monday, 23 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT soccer from the Hoofdklasse Saturday: Drachtster Boys-Flevo Boys. But also a summary of the handball derby of Drenthe: E&O-Hurry Up. We are present at the volleyball game Donitas-VC Sneek. We also take a look at hockeyclub GHHC. The ladies didn't lose this season and are playing against Craeyenhout. Finally, a portrait of korfball club LDODK.

    Soccer: Drachtster Boys-Flevo Boys

    So far the season of Drachtster Boys is dramatic. The club is last on the league with only one point. Last week, the team of coach Marcel van Buuren lost 0-2 against Excelsior '31. Can Drachtster Boys beat Flevo Boys to take the first win of the season?

    Facebook: Drachtster Boys
    Twitter: @drachtsterboys

    Handball: E&O-Hurry Up

    E&O vs Hurry Up is the handball derby of Southeast Drenthe. The previous encounter ended in a spectacular 28-28. Hurry Up is this season unbeaten and seems pretty sure of the championship pool. E&O is currently fourth in the Eredivisie.

    Facebook: Hurry Up en E&O
    Twitter: @EenOHandbal en @hvhurryup

    Volleyball: VC Sneek-Donitas

    In the Eredivisie of the women's volleyball is a northern derby on the program: Donitas-VC Sneek. Donitas from Groningen has only two points and has the ninth place in the league. Reigning champion VC Sneek is currently leading.

    Facebook: Donitas Dames 1 en VC Sneek
    Twitter: @DonitasD1 en @vcsneek

    Hockey: GHHC-Craeyenhout

    The ladies of GHHC are still unbeaten in the Overgangsklasse. Against tough opponents Nijmegen and Rotterdam, GHHC played a marvelous game that ended in a draw. Last week GHHC won with 3-0 against Warande. Can GHHC also beat Craeyenhout?

    Facebook: GHHC
    Twitter: @ghhcgroningen

    Rugby: RC Groningen - Ascrum 2

    This sunday RC Groningen is playing against the second team of Ascrum. RC Groningen is leader in the league and has one goal for this season. The team want to be champion of the league. But first they have to beat Ascrum 2.

    Facebook: RCGroningen
    Twitter: @RCGroningen

    Korfball: Portrait LDODK

    Over one week the new season of the Korfball League will start. From Terwispel and Gorredijk, LDODK is playing at the highest level for the fourth year in a row. After three seasons fighting against relegation, the club wants to end on a higher place in the league.

    Facebook: LDODK
    Twitter: @LDODK

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