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Puur Noord | Episode 49 | Edwin Kuipers, Rolf Reinders en Rutger van Zuidam

    Puur Noord

    Episode 49: Edwin Kuipers, Rolf Reinders en Rutger van Zuidam

    First aired: Tuesday, 24 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of PuurNoord business Menno Bakker is joined by Edwin Kuipers, CEO of Crowdy News, Rolf Reinders, owner of Reinders Recreation and Rutger van Zuidam, CEO of Senanga.

    In PuurNoord Menno Bakker is joined by Edwin Kuipers who is the CEO of Crowdy News. This software is making it able for newspapers to automatically show relevant social media messages at their own articles. What's his view on the fusion of the different media's.

    Website: www.crowdynews.com

    Also at the table: Rolf Reinders from Reinders Recreation, the now well known recreationpark with offices in Hoogeveen and Leeuwarden. Reinders has been through the lows and the highs in his entrepreneurs years and shares his story.

    Website: www.reinders-rekreatie

    And Rutger van Zuidam, CEO of Senanga, an 'eCommerce chain-sollution' where entrepreneurs can make a webshop, where products of acknowledged and trusted webchains can be sold. What's his view on his enterprise and what does he expect from the future?

    Website: www.senanga.net

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