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N Channel | Episode 6 | Eugène Tuijnman

    N Channel

    Episode 6: Eugène Tuijnman

    First aired: Tuesday, 24 November 2015 at 18.20 hours

    Founded in 1997, Eugène Tuijnman SLTN. By late 2013, he took Inter Access over and built the organization into the present SLTN Inter Access. If additional functions Eugene is a member of the executive committee of ICT Netherlands and member of IMB's Global Business Partner Advisory Council.

    Quench 'brilliant' times for IT company SLTN. With the technique of Eugène Tuijnman cars can ride them yourself.

    "This is a project that was completed in 2010, we have carried 1.4 million passengers. And only now is it in the newspaper," said Tuijnman which dedicates it to his own marketing.

    It is a project in Abu Dhabi, where self-propelled electric cars are part of a university campus to be completely emission-free. "Money is not an issue here. They put huge on quality of life and innovation."

    The entrepreneur from Marsum worked with the software company Toogethr from Utrecht. "We provide the equipment that ensures the vehicle remains safe driving," said Tuijnman. "You do not want a criminal suddenly it can serve as a sort of PlayStation."

    The technology develops and the world comes out of the crisis. "We hope to generate new business in the Middle East and Asia tens of millions of euros. We want to ride buses instead of cars."

    In Europe and the Netherlands are the crisis, legislation, budgets and confidence in the way of progress. "If we want to walk, we must invest first" know Tuijnman. "Our concept is site specific, but something like the Google Car may be the way to anywhere."

    SLNT wants to grow and needs at least a hundred new employees. Friesland can do more, according to him to ensure that more appropriate people from the schools are. "Leeuwarden can position itself as an innovative city."

    Website: www.sltn.nl
    Facebook: Eugene Tuijnman
    Twitter: @Etuijnman

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