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Puur Noord | Episode 51 | Mariska Swartsenburg, Daniel Rouwkema, Anna-Maja Kazarian and Kira Dekker

    Puur Noord

    Episode 51: Mariska Swartsenburg, Daniel Rouwkema, Anna-Maja Kazarian and Kira Dekker

    First aired: Thursday, 26 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Disabled people from Groningen have to exercise more, crowdfunding for a choir, who will be the young adult of this year and music by Kira Dekker. All that today in PuurNoord.

    Sporting for people with a dissability in November

    In November the focus is on sports for people with a dissability in Groningen. With this month the Sportplein Groningen, with their partners, wants to give extra attention to dissability sports. The goal of this month is to stimulate people to move more and be aware of handicap sports. Because everyone should be able to move and exercise, whether it's young or old, abled or disabled.

    Multiple activities are organised to raise awareness for hancip sports. Some activities are organised by Sportplein Groningen, others by 'Huis voor de Sport Groningen'. In PuurNoord we're curious about the results of this month.

    Crowdfunding action for Choral Voices

    Choral Voices is a choir from Groningen that has specialised themselves in Anglican music for the last ten yeras. Led by Daniël Rouwkema the choir has reached a high level with this. 'To reach a wider audience and get them to know our music we've organised a beautiful musical and educational day on february 6th 2016, it's meant for both singers and visitors'. It's not cheap to organise a day like this. That's why we're looking for donators who want to support us. 'All the small bits help'.

    The foundation 'Vrienden van Choral Voices' has taken it upon themselves to organise the concert. This is the first time they're organising such a big happening. The afternoon before the concert there's a workshop by Bouwe Dijkstra, a well known name in the Netherlands for lovers of classical English choir music. To realize all this not one but two monumental churches are hired in the city of Groningen. Musicians like Daniël Rouwkema, Bouwe Dijkstra, Matthijs de Vreugd and Hanna Rijken are offering their services. They're all specialists in this area.

    Website: www.tussenkerstenpasen.nl

    Young Adult of the year

    The fifteen year old chess player Anna-Maja Kazarian, from Heerenveen, who now lives in Den Haag is nomited to be young adult of the year. Because of her impressive prestations of this year she's nominated along with six other young adults. Young adult of the year is an initiative of youth newspaper 7Days. The talented chess player will play against vlog star Joy, actor Ruben Annink and para-snowboarder Chris Vos.

    Kira Dekker

    Kira Dekker is as best to described as cheerful, enthusiastic and busy. She is now more than a year working on writing music himself. Her songs are not about charged subjects. There, they distinguish themselves with. "I think differently about how songs sit together. I often write in letter form. I do not so hard and have simple, cheerful songs and get my inspiration from the smallest things." So goes her audition song "Sailor Man" on a small sailing boat which her grandparents in the bathroom is. Yet Kira has not always been as easy and is a controversial topic perhaps been her inspiration to start writing songs.

    Facebook: Kira Dekker
    Twitter: @KiraDekker

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