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Puur Noord | Episode 52 | Jan Kelder, Jeroen de Boer en The Swinging Stones

    Puur Noord

    Episode 52: Jan Kelder, Jeroen de Boer en The Swinging Stones

    First aired: Friday, 27 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of Puur Noord is the village of Gees in winter style, the Frysklab teaches children how to use media and The Swinging are giving a special concert.

    Gees in winter

    On Friday, November 27th the "Boerhoorn" will go around as a sign that "cool in winter ambience" has been opened. The beautiful village of Gees is then transformed into a charming lighted winter village with its beautifully lit farms and businesses. The illuminated route is guided along the participating entrepreneurs and charming farmhouses, many of the burner door, share and barns will open and where all kinds of activities are organized. The village is closed to traffic during the event with the exception of public transport. There wagon ride as a kind of bus with multiple entry and exit stops to transport visitors. See you in Gees.

    Website: www.geesinwintersfeer.nl
    Facebook: Gees in Wintersfeer


    Target of FryskLab are primarily children and young people aged 10 to 18 years. They more and more manufacturers are: they do - often by themselves - games, websites, flyers and T-shirts. Within FryskLab they are introduced to the attraction of engineering and technology. Additionally FryskLab provides services for professionals in business and non-profit sector. They hone in FryskLab their ideas and concepts and to encourage innovation to give a prominent place within their organizations or private practice.

    Website: www.frysklab.nl
    Facebook: Frysklab
    Twitter: @FryskLab

    Charity Concert "4 Seasons, Pleasure for two"

    The Swinging Stones is a four-part a cappella women's choir with a varied repertoire. On December 19, 2015 and give them special concert for their pleasure in singing and performing to share with people from Steenwijkerland, who have just enough to live, but that never normally be able to afford a getaway. They offer them a sparkling, free, theater evening, including a break drink. Besides the choir percussion and dance group will cooperate.

    Website: www.swingingstones.nl
    Facebook: The Swinging Stones
    Twitter: @SwingingStones

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