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N Channel | Episode 8 | Geerth Boschma

    N Channel

    Episode 8: Geerth Boschma

    First aired: Tuesday, 1 December 2015 at 18.24 hours

    Geerth Boschma is the founder of the Groningen La Compagnie. La Compagnie is already more than 15 years of strategic marketing of FC Groningen and developed various campaigns for the club and other clients.

    Marketer Geerth Boschma been running for a while in the world of commerce. His company, La Compagnie runs campaigns 'passion' for organizations such as FC Groningen, Energy Valley and the Holland Week Web Groningen.

    Because, "without passion nothing works," says Boschma. "If people keep their job then they come out of time."

    La Compagnie works at the cutting edge of marketing, communication and online, but has its "oerbiotoop" lie in advertising. A world where anything could ever, but now the attitude to sales pitches from companies is much more critical.

    Advertising would not buy happiness, though one "in Asia still think you're lucky Coca-Cola," says Boschma. Only in developing countries, can see the shadow side of our Western marketing.


    Nowadays, companies want to reach the youth and have a green image. Marketing is also about things that can be profiled.

    As the province of Groningen has spearheads found include e-health, internet startups and sensor technology. "The creative industries can have more focus," says Boschma.

    FC Groningen does well with green energy. "Through a partnership with Energy Valley is the roof of the stadium with solar panels," said Boschma.

    Website: www.lacompagnie.nl
    Twitter: @aanjagert

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