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Puur Noord | Episode 54 | Joke Holwarda, Douwe Draaisma and Lotte Lohrengel

    Puur Noord

    Episode 54: Joke Holwarda, Douwe Draaisma and Lotte Lohrengel

    First aired: Wednesday, 2 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks with Joke Holwarda over her jewelery, with Lotte Lohrengel about the “Noordelingen” and Douwe Draaisma about Oliver Sacks.

    Joke Holwarda is goldsmith and artist. She designs and makes jewelery, mainly silver, but also other materials such as gold, bronze, stone, wood, rubber and beads. She also manufactures bijoux, wall panels, installations and ceramics. She works mainly on commission. In her shop / atelier Aelder Hooghe in Aalden she also sells paintings and objects from other artists. Till December 27th her jewelry is being exposed in the new Museum Thijnhof in Coevorden. On Sunday December 6th there is a meet & greet with Joke Holwarda.

    Website: http://www.thijnhof.nl

    Douwe Draaisma is professor of psychology and historical writer. Every month he will discuss a scientific topic. This time, he dwells on the past deceased neurologist Oliver Sacks, whom he has known personally. Sacks described various striking and fascinating brain ailments of his patients. So he wanted to show how complicated the brains are put together and how they can keep you fooled. His book "Awakenings" was filmed. But he also wrote about himself, even when he had terminal cancer. Recently posthumously published the anthology "Gratitude" which includes essays in which he tried to get a grip on the course of his illness and the meaning of his impending death.

    Website: www.douwedraaisma.nl

    Since May Lotte Lohrengel is director of theater training, the “Noordelingen” in Groningen. In 2004 she graduated from the Theatre Academy in Maastricht. Then she worked as a director, artistic project manager, actor and teacher. "Bottums Up!" Is the first production under her leadership. It is a collaboration between the Young Gangsters and “De Noordelingen”. With live fights, spectacle and humor bring the young players and professional actors, a performance that reveals where temptations and peer pressure is the engine. "Bottums Up!" Is from Saturday 12th till Sunday, December 13th played in the old bus depot in Groningen. In that weekend there are also auditions being held and the movie “Contact”of “De Noordelingen” goes in premiere.

    Website: www.denoorderlingen.nl

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