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Puur Noord | Episode 55 | Winter or no winter, the first pizza machine and Top2000 church service

    Puur Noord

    Episode 55: Winter or no winter, the first pizza machine and Top2000 church service

    First aired: Thursday, 3 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of PuurNoord Dick Jansen guests are: weather man Roland van der Zwaag, he's coming to talk about why it's still not cold yet. Jordi Hillenga is telling us how he got the first Pizza Machine in the Netherlands and in Emmen there's a special TOP2000 church service.

    Winter or no Winter?

    Roland van der Zwaag is weather man and has been involved with the weather for 35 years. He has a huge love for the weather and likes to be outside to experience every weather situation. In 1981 he developed his passion for weather and was the first one to get his hands on the newspaper every day. He would read the weather forcasts on his knees in the living room and watch if the forcasts came true. He tried to find out how it was possible for weather to change. For instance why expected thunder wouldn't come or how it was snowing if the temperature wasn't even below 0 degrees yet. He's been weather man for RTV Assen since 2014 and brings the daily weather forcast with joy.

    Website: http://www.noorderweer.nl

    Pizza Machine

    Jordi Hillenga, only 18 years old, from Hoogezand managed to get the pizza machine to the Netherlands. The machine is located at the Jumbo in the Euroborg in Groningen and Jordi has high hopes for it. The pizza machine is not a new concept, it's a big hit in France. Jordi saw the machine and reached out to the producer to get it to the Netherlands and he succeeded. The machine makes two fresh pizza's in four minutes, and comes with a napkin and a peppermint.

    TOP2000 Church service Emmen

    The end of the year is dedicated to the Top2000. In the Top2000 are a lot of different songs, old and new, about different subjects. Some, for instance are all about faith or god, like 'What if god was one of us' by Joan Osborne. Others are about important experiences in life like love, sadness and death. What's more beautiful than have a church service to listen to the best songs in pop history together? This service is also in Emmen this year. The church opens at 4.30 PM and songs from the Top2000 will be sang and played. Afterwards there's the option to enjoy a bite and a drink.

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