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Puur Noord | Episode 56 | French fries from Groningen, Ice sculptures Festival and VanMike

    Puur Noord

    Episode 56: French fries from Groningen, Ice sculptures Festival and VanMike

    First aired: Friday, 4 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    5th French fries seller from Netherland, the Ice Sculptures festival and music from VanMike!

    De Belg Waterloo

    This mobile fries truck is in the top 5 of the best fries sellers from the Netherlands. It's even the only mobile truck in this test! De Belg Waterloo can be found in Groningen on the Grote Markt and is well known in the region. It's all about the fries and they are amazing, in the well known red-yellow-black pouches. Perfectly fried, golden brown and with the best sauces.

    Website: http://www.debelgwaterloo.nl


    The Dutch Ice Sculptures Festvial is a magical world with bright ice, shining snow and fun activities. This year they're going big. With artworks by famous ice sculpture artists in combination with beautiful light effects, exciting sounds and video projection. For the festival 40 artists from 16 different countries are coming to the Netherlands. With the help of chainsaws, hammers and a lot of other tools they make the most beautiful and impressive art works. With over 250.000 kilograms of ice and snow it's an unknown phenominal. Anique Kuizinga is ice sculpturer from Groningen and does the organisation of the festival.

    Website: http://www.ijsbeelden.nl


    VanMike's love for music starts at a young age. When he was a kid he sang famous songs along with the radio and he started playing guitar when he was eight. Michael found out he likes entertaining people and bringing them together through music. When he was twelve years old and went to high school he decided to join the school band. He's learned a lot in that time about playing together and entertainment. Because music was his passion, Michael started the music study Pop and Media in 2007. In the end of 2013 he decided to follow his heart and play his own songs. At this moment he's released his new single 'Denk Groot' and does this under the supervision of Anton Geerts of the Dikdakkers. As soon as he comes on stage the entertainer in him takes over and he gives everyone a night to remember.

    Website: http://www.vanmike.nl

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