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SPORT | Episode 107 | Soccer, skating and judo


    Episode 107: Soccer, skating and judo

    First aired: Monday, 7 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this epsiode of SPORT, soccer from the Topklasse Saturday: HHC Hardenberg against Capelle. Also soccer from the hoofdklasse Sunday and Saturday: MSC from Meppel against Achilles 1894 from Assen and Drachtster Boys against VV Staphorst. Furthermore, there is women's soccer: SC Heerenveen against Ajax, the national championships of judo for mixteams in Heerenveen and a report of the new icestadium Thialf in Heerenveen.

    Soccer: HHC Hardenberg – Capelle

    In the Topklasse Saturday HHC Hardenberg is doing well. The team of coach Marcel Groninger is currently fourth in the league. Last week HHC achieved a great victory on DVS '33 from Ermelo and that was already their third victory in a row. HHC Hardenberg hopes to win again during the home game against Capelle, currently the number thirteen of the league.

    Website: www.hhc-hardenberg.nl
    Facebook: HHCHardenberg
    Twitter: @HHCHardenberg

    Voetbal: MSC - Achilles 1894

    A real derby in Drenthe between MSC from Meppel and Achilles 1894 from Assen. Both teams are not playing very well this season. MSC is ranked tenth, two places lower than Achilles 1894. Both teams have only won twice this season. MSC and Achilles 1894 both seriously need some pionts.

    Website: www.mscmeppel.nl en www.achilles1894.nl
    Facebook: Achilles1894 en MSC Meppel
    Twitter: @MSCMeppel en @Achilles1894

    Soccer: Drachtster Boys - VV Staphorst

    In Saturday's league Drachtster Boys is not performing very so well. The team of coach Marcel van Buuren is currently ranked last in the league with only two points. Drachtster Boys really need to collect some points. On the other hand VV Staphorst is doing great. The team of coach Jan van Raalte is currently ranked fourth in the league.

    Website: www.drachtsterboys.nl en www.vvstaphorst.nl
    Facebook: Drachtster Boys en VVStaphorst
    Twitter: @drachtsterboys en @vvstaphorst

    Women's soccer: sc Heerenveen – Ajax

    The woman of sc Heerenveen are having a rough start this season. The team of coach Fred de Boer has not won a single game yet so far. Maybe against Ajax the team will win their first match.

    Website: www.vrouwenscheerenveen.nl
    Facebook: Vrouwenscheerenveen
    Twitter: @Vrouwen_sch

    Judo: NK mixteams in Heerenveen

    In judo every year a mixteam based on National Competition is organized in The Netherlands. This edition the best judo teams will compete in Sportstad Heerenveen. At the same day also the Frisian team championships will held for the youth. A big day for judo in Heerenveen.

    Website: www.sportstad.nl
    Facebook: Sportstad
    Twitter: @SportstadHveen

    Skating: Report 'The new Thialf'

    Next Friday the third World Cup race of this season will take placce in the new Thialf icestadium in Heerenveen. The stadium was closed during a few months due to a big renovation. The first part of the renovation is finished, and we took a look at the 'new' Thialf.

    Website: www.thialf.nl
    Facebook: ThialfHeerenveen
    Twitter: @Thialf

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