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N Channel | Episode 9 | Freek Wiewel

    N Channel

    Episode 9: Freek Wiewel

    First aired: Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 18.00 hours

    MadLogic specializes in developing games that problems and issues, solutions for companies, or gamification. Freek Weavel consultant can tell you all about it. "Games can show people a different way to see the world," he says.

    Company Resolve issues with computer games. MadLogic from Groningen in specialized. "Gamification can encourage certain behaviors," says Freek Wiewel, consultant to the company.

    Companies knocking at MadLogic with all kinds of problems. "A mental health institution came for example whether a long questionnaire for children with ADHD are not what fun could be made," said Wiewel.

    The company also built an application for the UMCG to get acquainted with the new electronic patient record. "We do not just make a game," said Wiewel. "We look at the problem and come up with a solution for it."

    MadLogic seeks an element of fun, but the game should serve a purpose. "It is always customized," says Weavel. "We do a managerial problem."


    Wiewel do so to prevent gamification to overshoot its target. "A game can also be demoralizing if it does not work properly, for example because it seems like people in a company are checked."

    MadLogic exists now for five years and Weavel sees many opportunities for growth. "Many of the things we do are also applicable to other organizations."

    Website: www.madlogic.nl
    Facebook: MadLogic
    Twitter: @FreekWiewel

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