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N Channel | Episode 10 | Margriet Gerritsma

    N Channel

    Episode 10: Margriet Gerritsma

    First aired: Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 18.24 hours

    Margriet Gerritsma is now coach Young Entrepreneurs at Stenden University. She is also active as an entrepreneur and consultant in the development of new services, strategies and labor market concepts.

    Margriet Gerritsma is now coach young entrepreneurship at Stenden University and intermediary for a growing number of freelancers.

    More and more young freelancers to market, that's good? "The question is whether there is a choice," said Gerritsma. "Many employers are taking less and less permanent staff. So more and more young people are resolute."

    The youngest generation of workers also looks very different at work. "They have a lot more information over the internet and look quickly into temporary jobs. They do not necessarily immediately capture."

    At Stenden Gerritsma challenges students to create a business. They learn what entrepreneurship is. "There are many pitfalls, including a good role distribution, marketing and a distinctive idea."


    A business plan is also not complete. "You have to dare to make mistakes and learn from people who have already done for you."

    Gerritsma undertake themselves. "Bringing together people and organizations has always been my motivation" from there it grew, she says. "I know so many talented freelancers in my area but also noted that they were often insufficiently findable for clients.

    By working together freelancers can do more and bigger jobs. "You can learn from each other and build a larger network."

    Companies think more often about it to hire an independent, but can not always find the right people. Gerritsma initiated a platform that should be done. "We are also looking specifically for work experience places for young freelancers and students."

    Twitter: @mgerritsma01

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