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    Basketball: ARIS Leeuwarden VS LEIDEN

    First aired: Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 20.00 hours

    On Tuesday 8 December, there is a live match of the Dutch Basketball League on Podium.TV. In the sports hall Kalverdijkje. Aris Leeuwarden takes it up against ZZ Leiden.

    Aris Leeuwarden has been playing for many years at the highest level of basketball in the Netherlands. Since this season Michael Schuurs is coach of Aris. Like last year, the team hopes to qualify for the playoffs.

    Aris didn't start off to a very steady start this season, but they recently managed the impossible by defeating the current champion Den Bosch with 78-71. Joe O'Shea was on behalf of the home team the absolute best player in this match. The American made eight three-pointers!

    Opponent Leiden has been fighting for years to achieve the top. At this time, the team of coach Eddy Casteels takes second place in the league. This season Leiden also plays in the European Cup, but aren’t performing very well. All matches played were lost.

    Earlier this season Aris Leeuwarden and ZZ Leiden faced each other on the field. In the 'vijf meihal ' in Leiden, Aris Leeuwarden lost from leiden with 91-60. Worthy de Jong was the best player with 19 points on behalf of Leiden. Last season both teams played a total of four times against each other. All those games were won by Leiden and maybe Aris can finally change this trend during the coming game.

    The live broadcast of the match Aris Leeuwarden - ZZ Leiden starts Tuesday , December 8th at 20:00

    Website: Aris Leeuwarden, ZZ Leiden

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