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Puur Noord | Episode 59 | Pool of the year, World Wide Candle Lighting and Marten van Dijken

    Puur Noord

    Episode 59: Pool of the year, World Wide Candle Lighting and Marten van Dijken

    First aired: Thursday, 10 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    At the table in Pure North today; Dirk Bouma. He moves on to talk about his pool. Bad Hesselingen been voted Pool of the Year. This weekend is the World Wide Candle Lighting. Together we will take a look at this day with Berber de Haan which she organize it for the municipality of Steenwijkerland. Furthermore, Marten van Dijken will talk about the translation to Groningen's Pieplaaider story of Olivier Bommel.

    Pool of the Year

    This week in Meppel Bad Hesselingen has been elected to Pool of the Year. During the Award Ceremony in Thermal Bussloo they were allowed to receive the Audience Award as best pool of Netherlands in the category over 200,000 visitors and the jury they were given the overall title of the Year by Swimming. According to the jury's Bad Hesselingen the most innovative and connecting pool in the Netherlands, where the sharing of knowledge and experience with fellow baths and businesses is in the DNA.

    Bad Hesselingen is the first pool where all primary school pupils have swimming lessons. This is done in the bath-house developed with a Swim2Play program. A program in collaboration with René Dekker (former national swimming team head coach) and Johan Harlaar (both teachers at the CALO Zwolle) that was developed. Children learn while playing how they can learn some activities. Swim2Play program is currently operating in 11 pools in the Netherlands.

    Website: www.badhesselingen.nl
    Facebook: Bad Hesselingen Meppel
    Twitter: @BadHesselingen

    World Wide Candle Lighting

    Each year World Wide Candle Lighting is held on the second Sunday of December. All over the world they will burn candles in memory of deceased children at 19:00 local time. It does not matter how old the child was or how long ago it was. Some commemorate an adult child and others a very young child. There are people for whom the loss is still very fresh and in others it is sometimes decades ago. The pain and the loss and loss of hopes and dreams that did not come true, remain the same and connect the people who attend. The Werkgroep Wereldlichtjesdag Steenwijkerland organize it as well and tells us more about it in the show.

    Website: www.trilimes.nl/wereldlichtjesdag-steenwijk

    Tom Poes concocts a ruse...

    On Friday, November 27th received Albert Rodenboog, Mayor of Loppersum, the 1st copy of the Bommel Story Tom Koater and Pieplaaider / De Pijpleider. In the municipality of Loppersum in 2012, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in North Netherlands as a result of increased gas production. In the bilingual story The Pieplaaider / De Pijpleider is a gas bubble which found obvious realization must be made. This failed miserably and that's why the story will appeal to many Dutch, Groningen in particular. Marten van Dijken translator of the story is sitting at the table about how he proceeded to translate the story in this particular language.

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