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Puur Noord | Episode 60 | Winterlichtfestival, Wiebe Kaspers and Kerst op 't erf.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 60: Winterlichtfestival, Wiebe Kaspers and Kerst op 't erf.

    First aired: Friday, 11 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    There are many fast-growing Christmas fairs. Similarly, the “Kerst op 't erf” is organized this weekend. Jan Willem Melisse talks about why it is so successful. Wiebe Kaspers talks to us about his farewell concert. The futuristic winter light OrbitFest festival is about to start again in Groningen. Bouke Mekel and Aglaya Koika are extensively telling about this festival.

    Christmas in the yard

    A Christmas fair organized for the second time. The formula is so successful that this edition is twice as big as last year. On 12 and 13 December is the event. But in a different guise. The first edition of the cozy, convivial Christmas fair was held around a farm in Kalenberg. This time, the beautiful garden of Gasterij De Schildhoeve is the backdrop for the event.

    The park-like garden of the Schildhoeve covers 1.5 hectares. A walkway of about 800 meters meanders through it. The stalls are lined up along this path. The entire area is decorated attractively, including fire pits. There is live music, there will be a bouncy castle for the kids and a photographer takes care of the photo shoots. At the square Christmas trees are being sold at the entrance.

    Website: www.deschildhoeve.nl
    Facebook: Kerst op 't erf

    Winter Light Festival Orbit Fest

    Futuristic winter light Orbit Fest in Groningen will soon start again! At Ebbingekwartierterrein and at locations across the city winter light expo with light installations will be on the display to be surrounded by light workshops, a winterlab with experiments and a winter market. This year it is the second edition of Orbit Fest. They choose the theme Channels to the Stars, a theme that we challenge makers and hackers and environment to carry out their fantasies through or along passages.

    Website: www.orbitfest.com
    Facebook: OrbitFest
    Twitter: @orbitfest

    Wiebe Kaspers

    Wiebe makes Frisian pop music. Accessible, fun pop music, with lyrics that cut wood. Along with the fabulous musicians Daan Slagter (drums) and Florian den Hollander (bass) they are musically confident on stage. Their strong point is in the theater, but also at festivals they will play very well.

    Wiebe grew up in the Frisian village Jorwert, that is the same name on his second single, and started playing piano at age five. After eight years of classical piano lessons, and two years teaching in light music Wiebe was admitted to the jazz / pop-training at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. Wiebe has played in many compositions of different genres, including musical Hammer & Kaspers coverband Big Apple, classical piano quartet Simeonkwartet, a jazz trio under his own name with Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven and Joost Oomen, won an honorable mention at the Princess Christina Concours Since 2004 he accompanies various choirs, theater sports groups and vocalists and is today the pianist of Syb van der Ploeg. Wiebe has released three singles in the past two years: ‘It Gouden Fjild’, ‘Jorwert’ and ‘Aldegea’. Debut album 'Nei sa'n dei' was released in February 2015.

    Website: www.wiebekaspers.nl
    Facebook: Wiebe Kaspers

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