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SPORT | Episode 108 | Soccer, korfball, table tennis, running and acrogym


    Episode 108: Soccer, korfball, table tennis, running and acrogym

    First aired: Monday, 14 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this epsiode of SPORT soccer from the Topklasse Saturday: ONS Sneek is playing at home against Katwijk. In the Topklasse Sunday leader WKE competes with HBS. Additionally korfball: DOS'46 - PKC, table tennis: De Treffers '70 - Stars, a report of the Adventure Run and a short documentary about acrogym association Adonis from Drachten.

    Soccer: WKE – HBS

    WKE from Emmen performs very well. Because of financial problems, the team of coach Paul Weerman started this season without expectations. But now, WKE is the leader of the league. At home against HBS the club from Emmen should win this match without any problems.

    Website: www.vv-wke.nl
    Facebook: vvWKE
    Twitter: @vvWKE

    Soccer: ONS Sneek – Katwijk

    In the Saturday Topklasse, ONS Sneek plays on their own field against Katwijk. ONS lost the last two games and is in eleventh place at this moment. Katwijk is having a great season. The team won the last three games and is now in third place.

    Website: www.onsbososneek.nl
    Facebook: ONSBosoSneek1
    Twitter: @ONSSneek

    Korfball: DOS'46 – PKC

    The korfballteam DOS'46 from Nijeveen started well in the Korfball League. The team of coach Daniel Hulzebosch won last Tuesday's away game against DVO. After three games DOS'46 already collected three points. Can the team win at home against PKC, the champion of last year

    Website: www.dos46.nl
    Facebook: DOS46nijveveen
    Twitter: @DOS46

    Tafeltennis: De Treffers – Stars

    De Treffers '70 from Klazienaveen has big ambitions for this years competition. The team of coach Peter Verweij wants to become the champion of this season. Currently, De Treffers '70 is in second place. Coming Sunday, they have to win the match against Stars during the homegame. The team from Middelstum is currently on the last place in the league, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Website: www.detreffers70.nl en www.klimaatgroepstars.nl
    Facebook: KlimaatgroepStars
    Twitter: @DeTreffers70 en @KgH_Stars

    Hardlopen: Adventure Run Ameland

    The annual Ameland Adventure Run is being held every year at the beginning of December. The race across the island attracts thousands of participants who can choose from a variety of distances. They run through the dunes, forests and the beautiful beach of Ameland. A beautiful view.

    Website: www.adventurerun.nl/
    Facebook: Ameland Adventurerun
    Twitter: @AmAdventureRun

    Acrogym: Reportage Adonis Drachten

    In the Netherlands acrogym is a relatively unknown sport. However, this sport is practiced in the North of the Netherlands at a very high level. Adonis from Drachten is one of the best clubs of the Netherlands. There's lots of talent around, like Mare Blaam (17) Jadith Haakma (17) and Ilja Goedemoed (16). They want to qualify for the World Championships in China.

    Website: www.adonissportacrobatiek.nl
    Facebook: AdonisSportacrobatiek
    Twitter: @AdonisAcrogym

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