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N Channel | Episode 11 | Ellen van Acht

    N Channel

    Episode 11: Ellen van Acht

    First aired: Tuesday, 15 December 2015 at 18.00 hours

    On September 24, the Sustainable Building Women Award is presented during the Dutch Green Building Week. Juror Ellen van Acht is looking for the woman who runs her business in the most responsible way to return. Eight is also founder of consultancy KUUB, which she guides individuals in the development of a new house.

    Ellen van Acht is the director of KUUB. "We help individuals to build a house, often with whole streets at once," she says.

    It is cheaper to do it yourself, Van Acht know. "A lot of people think that it is complicated to jointly build a new road or a house, but we can partially take over that process."

    Other real estate parties had to get used to KUUB. "We did not as it should," says Van Acht. "After the crisis, it has become much more normal to bring wishes of buyers in the construction process. The chain on the head, the customer first!"

    Van Acht was voted most sustainable construction woman. "That is based on the consideration of people, planet and profit," she says. "Sustainable construction is in our genes. People may choose to live carbon neutral."

    When homes are sold where a utility bill adheres to, than buyers buy according van Acht 'a pig in a poke'. "Houses can, if they are built in the right way, even produce energy."

    The building is under construction woman than a task to show what is possible. "Sustainability is the standard. And we want to bring closer to the consumer."

    Website: www.kuub.info
    Twitter: @EllenVanAcht

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