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N Channel | Episode 12 | Corné van Willigen

    N Channel

    Episode 12: Corné van Willigen

    First aired: Tuesday, 15 December 2015 at 18.24 hours

    Corné van Willigen is the boss of Hi-Fi Corner in Groningen, an outlet for audio and video: TVs radios and more. Van Willigen this year won the fourteenth edition of the Young Entrepreneur Award with his business.

    Corné van Willigen (28) has been around since 2010 in charge of audio Hi-Fi Corner shop in Groningen. "Since I am at the helm, the focus is on online," says the young entrepreneur.

    Because if you want to keep doing it, then you can not go to the Internet, Van Willigen. "We sell especially quality music equipment," he says.

    The entrepreneur won the 2014 Young Entrepreneur Award, the jury called him a 'Pietje Bell'. The store is still important to support. People want to look first and then buying over the internet".

    Customers can also chat with employees of the store. "Our specialty is distinctive," says Van Wiligen. "Our added value is in a little system of the construction, but the slightly more expensive segment".


    Hi-Fi Corner wants to expand in Germany and France. "We would like to expand, but our market is also under pressure. So we need more markets."

    The entrepreneur has not decided yet whether it will run everything themselves, or there may be a franchise concept. "With do it yourself you may like more grip," says Van Wiligen.

    The company now employs 18 people. "We want to continue doing business as efficiently as possible and automate," says Van Wiligen. "At night work only a consultant to assist you online."

    Website: www.hificorner.nl
    Twitter: @Qorne

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