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Puur Noord | Episode 62 | Lubertus Leutscher, Geert Pruiksma and Arno van der Heyden

    Puur Noord

    Episode 62: Lubertus Leutscher, Geert Pruiksma and Arno van der Heyden

    First aired: Wednesday, 16 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks with Lubertus Leutscher about the 'Veenkoloniaal Symfonie Orkest' (Orchestra), with Geert Pruiksma about a special reproduction of Christ and with Arno van der Heyden about the Christmas special of 'Toneelmeesters'.

    Lubertus Leutscher is initiator, conductor and artistic director of the Veenkoloniaal Symfonie Orchestra. He started his career in 1978 at the age of eighteen as trumpeter at the Frysk Orchestra, after that he played in the 'Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orchestra' and now he's been part of the North Netherlands Orchestra for 34 years. As conductor he's lead several orchestra's and choirs. He's been leading the VKSO since 2010. He can be heard and seen with his orchestra in the documentaire 'Symfonie voor de Veenkoloniën', a musical portret of a crimp region, guided by old and new sounds. The presentation is on Sunday, december 20th at 3PM in filmhouse van Beresteijn in Veendam. This documentaire will be shown in Noorderdiepte on Wednesday january 6th.

    Website: www.lubertusleutscher.eu en www.vkso.nu en www.stichtingbeeldlijn.nl

    Art-/architecture historicus Geert Pruiksma is a regular guest. He's coordinator of the department sculptures and graphics at the Classical Academy Groningen. This time he brings a 13th century painting from Christ in the Sint-Martinuskerk in Bozum and studies it. During a restoration in 1941 the painting was found under a thick layer of chalk. The painting wasn't made in fresco technique, painted in wet 'fresh' chalk, but made in secco, on an already dry ground. This makes the painting very vulnerable. But the public can enjoy it on december 20th, from 7.30PM on, during a Christmas service in the style of the famous English 'Festival of Lessons and Carrols'.

    Arno van der Heyden is comedian, chansonnier, actor and presenter. He's been making the show 'Toneelmeesters' for Podium.TV since september. For a special Christmas episode of the show he takes a look backstage at the 6th Christmas musical in the Posthuis theatre in Heerenveen. 'De Sterren van Bartlehiem' was written by Rients Gratama with music from Clara Rullmann. The cast is Rients Gratama, Aart Staartjes, Elske de Wall and loads of young amateur players. The show premiers december 16th and is played about 10 times during the Christmas break.

    Website: www.posthuistheater.nl en www.blog.arnovanderheyden.nl

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