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Puur Noord | Episode 63 | Culinaire markt, Leger des Heils and Landlopersdag

    Puur Noord

    Episode 63: Culinaire markt, Leger des Heils and Landlopersdag

    First aired: Thursday, 17 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Culinaire seizoensmarkt van het Noorden, het Leger des Heils and Landlopersdag Veenhuizen

    Culinaire Seizoensmarkt van het Noorden

    Hobby cooks and people who like food can go to the Culinaire Seizoensmarkt van het Noorden in Hotel Restaurant Bitter & Zoet in Veenhuizen. The Culinair Seasonalmarket is the event for cooking fans. At the restaurant Bitter & Zoet you'll find a market with culinair quality products who each have their spot on the menu from Bitter & Zoet. Produced with passion and attention. At the cooking workshops, demonstrations and during the Walking Dinner you can smell, taste and see the great dishes you can make with the products from the market.

    Website: www.bitterenzoet.nl

    Het Leger des Heils

    The Salvation Army is during the Christmas days and in the winter on full power to offer a hand to those who need it. In Leeuwarden they have a lot of special activities this Christmas. Not only do they bring around Christmas packets and offer a traditional church service on Christmas eve. They also have an entirely free musical in the Harmonie in Leeuwarden.

    Website: www.legerdesheils.nl
    Facebook: Leger des Heils Leeuwarden


    The prison museum in Veenhuizen is in the sign of vagrants, beggars and orphans who were once the original inhabitants of the place where the museum is now located. On the tasteful courtyard people go back into time by a 100 years. A lot can be seen and done for the young and the old: music, singing, theatre, storytelling and a lot more. A lot of vagrants walk around and beggars are begging and children are playing. You can literally feel what it must have been like to live in these times.

    Website: www.gevangenismuseum.nl

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