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Puur Noord | Episode 64 | Wintercircus, Christmas & Winterbierenfestival and Pieter van der Zweep

    Puur Noord

    Episode 64: Wintercircus, Christmas & Winterbierenfestival and Pieter van der Zweep

    First aired: Friday, 18 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord we pay attention on the sixth edition of the Northern Christmas and Winter Beer Festival, Wintercircus Martin Hanson and music from Pieter van der Zweep.

    Northern Christmas and Winter Beer Festival

    On Sunday December 20th the organisation PINT organizes its unique "Northern Christmas and Winter Beer Festival for the sixth time. A beer festival in the middle of winter outside? This is only possible in Hoogeveen. The festival attrackts more and more visitors every year and every past edition the weather conditions have been very different. It has been minus 9 degrees till plus 10 degrees with snow and wind to sunny and beautiful weather. For the sixth edition 24 stalls will be set up in a square shape and parts of the square will be covered. Also patio heaters will be placed on the square. A total of 65 different beers can be tasted during the festival with a big varitety to choose from. The alcohol percentage of the available beers range from 4.4% to 12%. Enough to choose from for everyone.

    Website: www.pint.nl
    Facebook: Pint Noord
    Twitter: @PINT_Pakt

    Winter Circus Martin Hanson

    The 37th edition of Winter Circus Martin Hanson will play at different theaters throughout the Netherlands this winter. For this edition a completely new show was created with international top artists and new talent. This production is is the longest running production in the Dutch theater world. The organization is in control of director Arlette Hanson. Although her productions are characterized by many theatrical influences and technical innovation, she still has pure love for the circus element. "The world around us has changed, but the circus is still real and the performance is not manipulated" said Hanson.

    Website: www.wintercircus.nl
    Facebook: Wintercircus Martin Hanson
    Twitter: @wintercircus_nl
    Instagram: Wintercircus_nl

    Pieter van der Zweep

    Pieter van der Zweep feels most comfortable when he can express himself through music. At a very young age he already knew how to draw great attention with his singing performances. In his teenage years, Peter gained stage experience by singing in several bands. After attending VWO he studied Business Administration at the University of Groningen. At a certain point Peter met songwriter and producer Robert Dorn and ever since the first studio session the two form a special musical match with beautiful results.

    Website: www.pietermusic.nl
    Facebook: Pieter van der Zweep
    Twitter: @pietervdzweep

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