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    Korfbal: LDODK - DOS '46

    First aired: Friday, 18 December 2015 at 20.20 hours

    18 december 2015

    LDODK was promoted in March 2012 to the Korfball League. The team from Terwispel and Gorredijk is now playing for the fourth year in a row at the highest level in the Netherlands. The past three seasons LDODK fought under the leadership of coach Jan Sjoerd Pool against downgrading. This year, the team has a new coach; Erik Wolsink  and he strives for a place in the top four.

    In the years 2006 , 2007 and 2009 DOS'46 was champion of the league. But in 2012 they downgraded from the league. Luckily DOS'46 returned after last season again at the highest level. For the team of coach Daniel Hulzebosch the objective of this season is clear: maintain in the Korfball League.

    It is the first time that the two teams face each other in the Korfball League. The sports hall, Kortezwaag in Gorredijk will be completely sold out, so for those who can not be at the match you can watch the live broadcast on Podium.TV. It is a great way to still enjoy this korfball spectacle!

    The live broadcast of the match LDODK - DOS'46 starts Friday, December 18th at 20:20

    Website: LDODK & Dos '46

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