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SPORT | Episode 109 | Soccer, swimming, basketball and korfball


    Episode 109: Soccer, swimming, basketball and korfball

    First aired: Monday, 21 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this epsiode of SPORT the rematch of Harrkemase Boys - Flevo Boys, Orca’s Christmas Swim in Leeuwarden, Aris against Rotterdam and Sneek Wit Zwart - JVC Cuijk.

    Soccer: Harkemase Boys - Flevo Boys

    Harkemase Boys is doing well this season. The team is ranked first in the Hoofdklasse C and even though they are one match behind the team is 3 points ahead of Excelsior '31. Harkema’s strength this season is that they know how the win their worst games. Will the team celebrate victory after the rematch against Flevo Boys?

    Website: www.harkemaseboys.nl, www.flevoboys.nl
    Facebook: Harkemase Boys, Flevo Boys
    Twitter: @Harkemase Boys, @flevoboys

    Soccer: Sneek Wit Zwart - JVC Cuijk

    Sneek Wit Zwart is not performing very well. The team of coach Berry Zandink lost the last five games and is now ranked at the bottom of the Sunday ‘Topklasse’. What is going on with Sneek Wit Zwart? Who know’s the team still somehow win this last game of 2015 at home against JVC Cuijk.

    Website: www.swzbososneek.nl, www.jvccuijk.nl
    Facebook: SWZ Boso Sneek, JVC Cuijk
    Twitter: @SneekWitZwart, @jvc_cuijk

    Swimming: Orca's Christmas Swim

    This weekend the first edition of ‘Orca's Christmas Swim’ will be held in the Kalverdijkje in Leeuwarden. Besides the 50,100 and 200 meters also the 400 meter freestyle and medley is sceduled tot take place. At the start over 140 swimmers will appear, including topswimmers such as:Ilse Kraaijeveld, Luuk Veldman, Kinge Zandringa, Stan Pijnenburg, Roy Smeenge, Evelien van Ruitenn and many other aspiring talents.Het Kalverdijkje has always been classified as a fast pool and next to hypermodern starting blocks and electronic timing the pool also features the most modern race lines since this season. In short; The conditions are perfect for top performances!

    Website: www.zvorca.nl
    Facebook: Orca’s Christmas Swim, Orca opleidingen activiteitenpagina
    Twitter: @ZvOrca

    Basketball: Aris – Rotterdam

    Unpredictable. That word suits the season of Aris Leeuwarden until now. One week, the team wins from the title defender and one week after the team loses with 30 points difference. So the big question is: what will Aris do during the final match of this calendar year against Rotterdam?

    Website: www.arisleeuwarden.nl, www.rotterdambasketbal.nl
    Facebook: Aris Leeuwarden, Rotterdam Basketbal
    Twitter: @Aris Leeuwarden, @Rotterdam Basketbal

    Korfball: Summary LDODK – DOS’46

    The past three seasons LDODK, led by coach Jan Sjoerd Pool has been fighting against relegation. This year, the team has a new coach; Erik Wolsink. He hopes for LDODK to gain a place within the top four of the league. In 2006, 2007 and 2009, DOS’46 was National Champion, but in 2012 the team was relegated from the ‘hoofdklasse’. For DOS’46 the goal for this season is very clear: maintain within the Korfball League. LDODK and DOS'46 never faced each other before and we were there Live to whitness this derby!

    Website: www.ldodk.nl, www.dos46.nl
    Facebook: LDODK, DOS’46 Nijeveen
    Twitter: @LDODK, @DOS46

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