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Proeftijd | Episode 9 | Proeftijd Kerstspecial


    Episode 9: Proeftijd Kerstspecial

    First aired: Tuesday, 22 December 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In the Christmas episode of Proeftijd we focus on the most delicious meal of the year: the Christmas dinner! We investigate what kind of things are on the menu in our region. Therefore we visit a culinary Christmas market in Hemelum, we go hunting in Gasselte, we cook vegan in Groningen and we visit the ‘voedselbank’ in Beilen.

    What's on the Christmas menu in the region? That’s what this episode of Proeftijd is about. On the cozy christmas market ‘Flinke Winter Favorieten’ in Hemelum we meet entrepreneurs from the region with delicious Christmas treats.

    For many people, wild food is a favourite on the Christmas dish. Host Leonie Sinnema investigates how the hunting game works. Hunting is a contentious issue, how do the hunters in Gasselte deal with that?

    In recent years, it has become increasingly important to be conscious about what your eating. What’s on the Christmas menu if you don’t eat meat or fish? Helinja Rider is a true vegan and passionate about cooking. She teaches us that vegan food does not have to be complicated to prepare.

    A Christmas dinner is often quite expensive. People who are struggling financially, sometimes depend on the ‘voedselbank’ for their Christmas dinner. We take a look behind the scenes with the volunteers of the ‘voedselbank’ in Beilen. High school students from the school next door show what you can prepare with the contents of a parcel from the ‘voedselbank’.

    We round of in Hemelum with a toast to a lovely Christmas and of course a delicious and cozy Christmas dinner!

    Are you inspired or hungry? By using the following link you can download the recipes from this episode. Wild Goulash, Stimp Stamp (stew) and Eryngii with grilled vegetables and a delicious brownie dessert.

    Website: It Flinkeboskje, Voedselbank Midden-Drenthe, Opgeweckt Noord
    Facebook: Opgeweckt Noord, verpakkingsvrije winkel, Voedselbank Midden-Drenthe
    Twitter: @CSVVG

    About this program:

    Proeftijd is a program where we look for local recipes and products from the North of the Netherlands in combination with special stories that involve food & lifestyle.

    In the program Proeftijd, the focus lays on food and the origin of products from the region, but also about the stories behind a recipe from the region. A dish from grandma's kitchen or perhaps you invented a recipe yourself? During the program we look for tasty food from the region in combination with a special story.

    In every episode a recipe from the northern region is the lead. We examine what products are processed in the dish and where they come from. Perhaps the program inspires you to prepare dishes from the north yourself!

    In short, it is time to try and taste food and dishes from the North of the Netherlands.

    Do you know, or are you someone who can make the most delicious meals with products from the northern region and an interesting story?

    Proeftijd, From 1st of September, everyday at 17.30 hours at Podium.TV