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N Channel | Episode 13 | Xandra Groenewold

    N Channel

    Episode 13: Xandra Groenewold

    First aired: Tuesday, 5 January 2016 at 18.00 hours

    Xandra Groenewold is founder and director of Pro Time, producer of videos and video material in the north of the Netherlands.

    Xandra Groenewold has been twenty years director of ProTime, producer of videos and video material for the media in Groningen and beyond. "We started as a local communications agency, but now supplying camera crews and reports before and throughout the country," says Groenewold. The story of the North should be better told, find the entrepreneur. "We do this for twenty years, you have to bring it yourself." Groenewold thinks that media companies should invest in regional journalism. "Fortunately we are a small and agile company, we focus on quality." The regional journalism, according to Groenewold to fulfill an important function. "They can do more in sports and culture. Media must make clear choices about what they can and can not beat it."[/ p]

    More must be done with less money. "A real solution is not yet in regional journalism," says Groenewold. "But innovation must be there, as in the music with Spotify for example. We need to earn money in new ways." One of the most modern developments 'commercial journalism' - commissioned by businesses. "You need these two to a certain extent independent of each other and make clear agreements."

    A parliamentary delegation was invited by NDC Media in Groningen after there were question marks about whether journalists in the North still required louse in the fur. "A fair question, there are simply too few people to the region to defeat in the capillaries."

    Website: www.Pro-Time.nl
    Facebook: Xandra Groenewold
    Twitter: @Xandra_protime

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