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N Channel | Episode 14 | Sieger Dijkstra

    N Channel

    Episode 14: Sieger Dijkstra

    First aired: Tuesday, 5 January 2016 at 18.24 hours

    Sieger Dijkstra is the founder of investment Turn Next, the company that participates in companies and specializes in mergers and acquisitions, financing and restart businesses.

    Sieger Dijkstra is the founder of investment Next Turn and Chairman of the Economic Board Groningen. With over 97 million euros he can tap new business in the region. The company doctor has received the money to create jobs in the area where earthquakes have occurred due to gas extraction. "There are so many rules and counters," says Dijkstra. In the Board we will mainly focus on loans and financing for companies. " Dijkstra sees many SMBs in the region who want to take a step. However, this has not led to increased employment. "Entrepreneurs have trouble finding money and making plans. Many business owners also run against long political processes," he says. That's because all kinds of parties, including the municipality, the State and the NAM must be approved by any plans. "Minister Kamp wants our annual plans also approve," Dijkstra says. "That involvement I think go too far." Instead Dijkstra prefers a monitoring body for the Economic Board.


    Groningen has a huge problem that affects many people find Dijkstra. "It is caused by something we decided and the fruits are picked together, but the severity of the situation only now gaining ground in the Hague." Politicians must Groningen therefore take seriously, finds Dijkstra. "We Northerners do not immediately stand on the barricade. We now respond calmly, but the tension was building up." And that's a shame, because there are many opportunities for employment, know Dijkstra. "For the agricultural sector, but also in energy and construction." The funding environment in Groningen must in any case better Dijkstra find. "We take quite some more risks, see opportunities and take up".

    Website: www.turnnext.com
    Facebook: Sieger Dijkstra
    Twitter: @SiegerDijkstra

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