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Puur Noord | Episode 67 | Van Hulley, Frisian Proms and the ANWB

    Puur Noord

    Episode 67: Van Hulley, Frisian Proms and the ANWB

    First aired: Thursday, 7 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Jolijn Creutzberg, founder of Van Hulley, wons a very special prize. The Frisian Proms take place in Leeuwarden and how does the ANWB cope with the extreme weather from the last few days.

    Van Hulley

    The idea for Van Hulley started years ago. With an old shirt from Jolijns husband: once bought in the US, worn a lot and worn out. Throwing it out was not an option so it kept hanging in the closet until Jolijn decided to transform it into something else: a boxershort. Jolijn liked the boxershort and started developing this idea more. Van Hulley was an idea with a background, authenticity and it comes from a charming thought. She made a business out of Van Hulley. It's not just a sewing place where shirts are made into boxershorts. If you wear a Van Hulley you don't just wear a transformed shirt, you wear a Van Hulley. The boxers are high quality and very comfortable.

    Website: www.vanhulley.nl
    Facebook: Van Hulley
    Twitter: @vanhulley

    Fri(e)sian Proms

    Frisian Proms promises to become a true spectacle during the KFPS stallionshow 2016. With a mixture of beautiful music, by well known national and international artists, lightshows, lasers, fireworks and special effects it's gonna be a very special concert and show evening. Ofcourse the Frisian horse is there as well. The stunning performances by the black pearls make the show complete. The Frisian Proms are held on Thursday 14 and Friday 15th of January in the WTC Expo in Leeuwraden. It's going to be a spectacular party for every music and horse fan.

    Website: www.frisianproms.nl


    Tonnie Zuidema is teammanager of the roadside assistant in Groningen. The last few days there has been a lot of ice on the roads, which leads to there being a lot of accidents. Code red has been given out a few days ago and yesterday that even became code violet for a while, what exactly do these codes mean and when are they given out. And how does the ANWB cope with the extreme weather from the last few days and what does this mean for them.

    Website: www.anwb.nl

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