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Puur Noord | Episode 68 | Rolling Home, Animalclinic Wolvega and music from Timo de Jong.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 68: Rolling Home, Animalclinic Wolvega and music from Timo de Jong.

    First aired: Friday, 8 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of PuurNoord memebers from the folk choir Rolling Home join us, they recently released a new CD. Animal Clinic Wolvega has won a prize and music from Timo de Jong.

    Rolling Home

    Since the founding in 1994 a lot has happened but also changed. They started as a shantychoir and developed themselves to what is now a wellknown folk choir. A bruising club of men and one woman who each show their enthousiasm in their hobby and let other people enjoy it. The musical support has grown to two guitars, two accordeons, one flute and one keyboard. The choir has grown from 25 seamensvoices to a 3 voiced men choir with 50 members and different solo artists. The choir recently presented their new CD.

    Website: www.rollinghome.nl
    Facebook: Rolling Home NL

    Animal Clinic Wolvega

    Animal Clinic Wolvega has won the entrepreuener of Weststellingwerf. The animal clinic gets to call themselves business of the year Weststellingwerf. According to judge Siem Jansen the thought through strategy of the clinic has made them win the prize. The competition was organised for the ninth year by the Commerical Club Weststellingwerf (CCW).

    Website: www.dierenkliniekwolvega.nl

    Timo de Jong

    Timo de Jong is a musician from Meppel who writes songs and plays them. Songs that are a little bit about him, but speak to everyone. But also songs about car thiefs, koibois and daughters who have yet to be borned. Thankfully there's always that silver lining.

    Website: www.timodejong.bandcamp.com
    Facebook: Timo Muziek

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