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SPORT | Episode 113 | Futsal, basketball, equestrian, soccer, footvolley


    Episode 113: Futsal, basketball, equestrian, soccer, footvolley

    First aired: Monday, 11 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In SPORT the Open Frisian Championships futsal, Aris against Weert, the international horse show ‘Indoor Groningen’ in Zuidbroek, footvolley in Groningen and ONS Sneek plays against Sneek Wit Zwart.

    Futsal: OFK Franeker

    The Open Frisian Futsal Championship in Franeker is the largest indoor football tournament of Friesland. The 29th edition of the tournement will be held this weekend. Last year, SC Franeker has won the title, will they succeed again this year?

    Website: www.zvfonline.nl
    Facebook: OFK Franeker
    Twitter: zvf Franeker

    Equestrian: IICH Groningen

    The IICH Groningen, or Indoor Groningen, is an international horse competition in Groningen, Zuidbroek. This Saturday, the three weeks lasting event will be concluded with the grand finale of show jumping. Last year Harry Wiering from Schaik has won this competition, by beating the two big favorites Albert Zoer and Jeroen Dubbeldam.

    Website: www.iichgroningen.nl
    Facebook: IICH Groningen
    Twitter: @IndoorGroningen

    Equestrian: Indoor Drachten

    Indoor Drachten, formerly known as ICNN Drachten, is a large indoor horse competition in the north of the Netherlands. Dressage is on the agenda during the first weekend of Indoor Drachten. Dressage riders and amazons from fourteen countries will come to Drachten to participate.

    Website: www.indoordrachten.com
    Facebook: ICNNDrachten

    Basketball: Aris – Weert

    Just before Christmas, Aris won over direct rival Rotterdam. Quincy Treffers scores the winning goal during the final seconds. This season Aris’ performances are unstable. That’s why this match against Weert, who are at the bottom position, won’t be easy.

    Website: www.arisleeuwarden.nl, www.bswbasketbal.nl
    Facebook: Aris Leeuwarden, BSW Weert
    Twitter: @Aris_Leeuwarden, @BasketbalBSW

    Soccer: Preview Topklasse Sneek Wit Zwart & ONS Sneek

    ONS Sneek and Sneek Wit Zwart perform poorly in the Topklasse of soccer. Before the winter break, ONS Sneek lost its last four games and is ranked second-to-last. Sneek Wit Zwart lost even seven times in a row and is last in its league. Both teams will play a friendly game against each other this weekend.

    Website: www.onsbososneek.nl, www.swzbososneek.nl
    Facebook: ONS Sneek, Sneek Wit Zwart
    Twitter: @ONSSneek, @SneekWitZwart

    Footvolley: International Footvolley Tournament Groningen

    This weekend the International Footvolley Tournament will be held for the eighth time in Groningen. Besides Dutch participants, teams from Spain, Israel, France and other countries will participate. Pablo Carcelan and Carlos Delgado from Spain have won last year’s tournament for the fourth time in a row.

    Website: www.footvolleygroningen.nl
    Facebook: Footvolleygroningen
    Twitter: @FootvolleyG

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