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Puur Noord | Episode 69 | Weids Wonen & Slapen, Harlingse Boys and Slagerij Hofman

    Puur Noord

    Episode 69: Weids Wonen & Slapen, Harlingse Boys and Slagerij Hofman

    First aired: Tuesday, 12 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Presenter Menno Bakker gets a visit from Rene van der Weide of Vast Living & Sleeping, Else Boekema owner of Harlingen Boys and Andre Hofman of Hofman butchery.

    In Puur Noord Rene van der Weide of Vast Living & Sleeping has a highly successful online bedding shop, where everything that is being sold to do with sleep. But ... his biggest drive is to You; a project in which children with intellectual disabilities are offered a monthly activity program, with only one goal: to promote social interaction, friendship and above all, the feeling that you belong in there. Menno Bakker is about that conversation with him.

    Website: www.weidswonenenslapen.nl, www.tejou.nl

    Else Boekema also sits at the table. Else has a design, Harlingen Boys, which made special communication concepts for the profit and non-profit sectors. Six months ago, she made the journey of her life to the North Pole. A particularly beautiful trip which she tells in Puur Noord.

    Website: www.harlingseboys.nl

    And Andre Hofman Butcher Shop Hofman is also at the table. He has been a butcher since he was sixteen at the butcher's, the last ten years with its own butchery. His greatest inspiration? Groninger artisan meats. Hofman visits annually - beware - five hundred markets and fairs to bring meat to the attention. And all with the slogan:? “Of je worst lust” He talks about his inspiration in Puur Noord.

    Website: www.slagerijhof.nl

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