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N Channel | Episode 15 | Henk Pijlman

    N Channel

    Episode 15: Henk Pijlman

    First aired: Tuesday, 12 January 2016 at 18.00 hours

    Henk Pijlman is "always calm" boss of the Hanze University Groningen and is also a senator in the Senate.

    Pijlman is now 60 years old and would like to do something in politics. He is a part-time senator in the Senate - the only Groninger. "My province must also have something," he says. The portfolio education, energy and housing for D66 he will be focusing on renewable energy. "We must move away from dependence on natural gas. The Netherlands is far behind. My first bill deals with wind farms in the North Sea," said Pijlman.


    But before that, he is particularly concerned about the Hanzehogeschool. "I was surprised about the fact that VNO-NCW is dissatisfied with the connection of our education on the labor market," he says. "Our students do a lot with the business." Employers want closer ties with students, Pijlman find that they have more reason should invest in good placements. "If you want them to be well educated, spent there than paying attention to." Pijlman also still has a bone to pick with the NAM and the construction projects of the university. "they do not shoot" because everything must be earthquake resistant.

    Website: www.hanze.nl
    Facebook: Henk Pijlman
    Twitter: @henkpijlman

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