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N Channel | Episode 16 | Jelmer Spijksma

    N Channel

    Episode 16: Jelmer Spijksma

    First aired: Tuesday, 12 January 2016 at 18.24 hours

    Jelmer Spijksma is the young director of Or-Quest, an employment agency staff in the building. The company won this year's business award Smallingerland.

    Or-Quest provides specific people for construction projects, including the new ring of Groningen. "For instance, these specialized planners, designers and project managers," says Spijksma. "We look for a nice mix between the rational and intuitive features in humans. That is more than just a resume", he says. The company doubled in 2014 to 60 seconded people. "Now we have the internal organization also meekrijgen" says Spijksma that his company wants to scale up significantly. "We are more concerned with new software to replace the old time sheets." Spijksma studied commercial economics and held various sales jobs. "I get the sales" he says.


    The idea for his company took a job as a consultant. "As a consultant you are a generalist. One day you deliver ten carpenters, the other day something very different. For agencies it is difficult to really focus on quality". People thought he was crazy. "An employment agency set up in times of crisis?" Fortunately, his father helped him with setting Or-Quest. "Before he became terminally ill, I can spar a lot with him. He has taught me to think big". A firm with five employees is therefore not enough. "In ten years, I would have national coverage with my company", says Spijksma.

    Website: www.or-quest.nl
    Twitter: @jelmerspijksma

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