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Puur Noord | Episode 71 | It's all about energy

    Puur Noord

    Episode 71: It's all about energy

    First aired: Thursday, 14 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    aukje Oosterkamp, plaster master at Tjongerschans in Heerenveen, Harry van Ommen, director of the Energy Challenges and Edwin Pietersma Edwin Pietersma Training & Consultancy are the guests of Dick Jansen.

    Baukje Oosterkamp
    Hospital Tjongerschans in Heerenveen wants to give woman with breast cancer something extra. A plaster print of both breasts prior to operations. One in eight woman deals with breast cancer. When the disease is found in an early stage, the treatment can be limited to a breast saving surgery. But when it's more agressive it takes more to treat it. Cast master Baukje Oosterkamp has been doing her job for thirty years and does it with a lot of passion. She makes the prints, which takes about an hour. In a later stage the prints can be used to help make a breast prosthesis. The print is extremely detailed until a millimeter.

    Website: www.tjongerschans.nl

    Harry van Ommen
    The Energy Challenges are the project where behavior and technique come together and young people make the difference. Youngsters on primary and elementary school are being challenged to campaign in their own way to promote energy savings and durability at their school and environment. While playing they discover their talent and get to know the world of durability, energy and technique.The provinces Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Gelderland and Noord-Holland are fighting for the next few months to find out which school can save the most energy.

    Website: www.energychallenges.nl

    Edwin Pietersma
    Edwin Pietersma Training & Advice is a business specialised in giving lessons and updating people's knowledge about BHV, EHBO, Reanimation and AED. Lately it has shown that a lot of AED devices don't work because of minimal maintenance. The Netherlands has between 60.000 and 80.000 AED devices of which only 10.000 are registert. Mr. Pietersma tells us why AED devices and good knowledge of their use can be very important and why it's important to always be within minutes reach of a device.

    Website: www.edwinpietersma.nl

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