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Puur Noord | Episode 72 | Willem Hut, Bram Strubbe, Wildlands Emmen and Sneker Filmwinter

    Puur Noord

    Episode 72: Willem Hut, Bram Strubbe, Wildlands Emmen and Sneker Filmwinter

    First aired: Friday, 15 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Not only marathon skaters are from the long haul. Animal movers and lifters can also make some of it.

    Willem Hut
    Willem Hut is a former marathon skater from Waskemeer and currently acts as the marathon competition manager at the Dutch Federation. Hut wants to make marathon skating better known as people and tells about it.

    Bram Strubbe
    For the second time Bram and his friends organised a hitchhiking competition on new years day. This time the goal was to hitchhike to Copenhagen in duo's as quick as possible without spending a single penny. Friends, family and interested people ccould follow their journey on facebook. What's it like to hitchhike?

    Facebook: Lift 2.0

    WildLands Emmen
    It doesn't open until March 25th, but at least one million visitors are expected to come to Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen this year. The park has been under construction since 2013. Building a huge park like that obviously takes a lot of work, all animals have to be moved from one location to the other. And this doesn't go without any trouble.

    Website: www.wildlands.nl

    Sneker Film Winter
    Film is a special artistic medium. This year the Sneker Filmwinter is being organised for the 6th time by Stichting Filmhuis Sneek in co operation with CineSneek. The festival was founded to show films to people that couldn't be showed in the last film season. And there's always a showing of a classic film.

    Website: www.filmhuissneek.nl/sneker-filmwinter
    Facebook: Filmhuis Sneek
    Twitter: @FilmhuisSneek

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