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SoundCHECK! | Episode 10 | Reizger


    Episode 10: Reizger

    First aired: Friday, 15 January 2016 at 18.00 hours

    Sensitive ballades are the most important songs of the Frisian folk band Reizger in SoundCHECK!

    The band consists of guitar player/singer and frontman Bart van der Wal, singer Hetty Zonderland, guitar player Eric van der Wal and bass guitar player Jonathan Koning. Reizger plays Frisian and English music, in the style of bluegrass, Irish and English folk. In 2012 they released their CD Blaue Greide. On the CD Bart's guitar work and sensitive ballads are the main subject. At Bart van der Wal his home we talk with him and the tand about their music and their future plans. The band has a show that day in Burgum and we follow them during their preparations for the show and during the show.

    Website: www.reizger.com
    Facebook: Reizger

    About this program:

    SoundCHECK! is een muziekprogramma op Podium.TV waarin een bezoekje wordt gebracht aan de meest uiteenlopende muzikanten uit Noord-Nederland.

    Tip de redactie wanneer jij een leuke band uit Noord Nederland kent waar je meer van zou willen weten!