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Puur Noord | Episode 73 | Daan Soer, Kerstin Kapper and Oane Hoekstra

    Puur Noord

    Episode 73: Daan Soer, Kerstin Kapper and Oane Hoekstra

    First aired: Tuesday, 19 January 2016 at 17.00 hours


    Presenter Menno Bakker talks with Daan Soer of Swoolish garage from Niezijl. The company is more than ten years and has built a huge name in the festival country and abroad to build musical living rooms, baths on wheels, a fountain rubber ducks and the now famous Vespaudio; a sort of scooter for Djs.

    Website: www.swoolish-garage.nl

    Kerstin Kapper of Edelsmederij Fire and Flame from Friesland Arum worked for years with complete satisfaction as jewelry maker commissioned. But the ambition to design your own, free from clients increasingly began to itch. Despite a packed schedule task they took the step to the free work. So the label 'Juweeltjes' was born.

    Website: www.vuurenvlam.nl

    Third guest is Oane Hoekstra of Greenjoy from Leeuwarden. Hoekstra is originally a real estate entrepreneur. But funny, unusual and above all creative ideas with him never far away. He operates in Leeuwarden electric rental boats and he rents recently the Boomhuthotelkamer De Uil. In Puur Noord he tells more.

    Website: www.leeuwarden.greenjoy.nl

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