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Puur Noord | Episode 74 | Daniëlle Lokin, Joep van Ruiten en Mischa van Huijstee

    Puur Noord

    Episode 74: Daniëlle Lokin, Joep van Ruiten en Mischa van Huijstee

    First aired: Wednesday, 20 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Toy museum Kinderwereld, poetry week and the NK Poetry Slam

    Toy museum Kinderwereld
    Daniëlle Lokin is an art historici with a long professional practice in the museum world. Since 2012 she has been the director of the toy museum 'Kinderwereld' in Roden. There, the exposition 'De spelende mens' can be seen starting january 23rd with work from Derek Scholte. This artist from Roden builds sculptures from a lot of pieces that tell a story. Old utensils often form the base for his art works, but toys from the museum collection are an inspiration for him as well.

    Website: www.museumkinderwereld.nl, www.derekscholte.nl
    Facebook: Speelgoedmuseum Kinderwereld

    Poetry week
    Joep van Ruiten lives in Emmen and works as a culture journalist. He's editor at Dagblad van het Noorden / Leeuwarder Courant in Groningen and founder of the culture website Woest en Ledig. He comes in monthly to talk about news on the book front. This time he's gonnna talk about the Poetry week, which is being held from january 28th till february 3rd. The theme is this year 'Memories'.

    Website: www.woestenledig.nl, www.poezieweek.com
    Twitter: @joepvanruiten

    Mischa van Huijstee lives in a farm in Smilde and is poet. He has been a poet since 2009. His poets are accesable with a sense of humor. He has been the city poet in Assen from 2012 till 2014. With painter Marijke van Es he makes, under the name, 'Hij Tikt, Zij Kwast' fast painter poems. Friday january 29th he's competing in the final of the NK Poetry Slam, a competition where the best poets from the slamcircuit compete against each other.

    [b]Website: www.poetryslam.nl

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