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Puur Noord | Episode 75 | Wiebe Lamsma, Marianne Bouwman and Herman Buikema

    Puur Noord

    Episode 75: Wiebe Lamsma, Marianne Bouwman and Herman Buikema

    First aired: Thursday, 21 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Groot Heerenveen, Westerzwam and weekly journal Friesland.

    Groot Heerenveen
    On january 20nd the first edition of GrootHeerenveen came out. This came after Groot Sneek. GrootHeerenveen is a free house to house paper made by Ying Media and gives out around 27.000 pieces. The paper is being spread in the communities Heerenveen, Oudehaske and St. Johannesga. The paper comes in both a physical version and a digital version which can be found at GrootHeerenveen.nl

    Website: www.grootheerenveen.nl

    Eva, Gosse and Wiebe believe in the power of local and durable enterprising ánd love good food. Did you know a common plate travels about 10.000KM before you eat it? Wouldn't it be great if our food didn't have to come from so far away. WesterZwam contributes to that with local production of delicious oyster mushrooms. The three started making them in a small place and want to expand this to a larger place to save more grounds from filth burning. To realise this they need 10.000 euros. They're hoping to get this by crowdfunding.

    Website: Crowdfund WesterZwam
    Facebook: WesterZwam

    Weekjournaal province Friesland
    From january 22nd on the province Friesland shows a weekly journal through social media every Friday. In Dutch and Frisian the province looks back on the last week and looks forward to what's happening in the week to come.

    Website: www.fryslan.frl

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