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Puur Noord | Episode 76 | Klaasje Postma, Diederick de Vries and Aline Hofstee

    Puur Noord

    Episode 76: Klaasje Postma, Diederick de Vries and Aline Hofstee

    First aired: Friday, 22 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in PuurNoord we're going to talk about the play Alice Herz-Sommer, the Bouwplan, Thuis in Wonen fair and teacher of the year.

    Life is Beautiful
    Life is Beautiful is a touching musical by Klaasje Postma and Pauli Yap. The musical can be seen everywhere in Friesland from january till may 2016. The musical is about the Jewish pianist Alice Herz-Sommer. The oldest survivor of the Holocaust, a unique woman who knew an endless joy for life despite her stay in concentrationcamp Theresienstadt.

    Website: www.pier21.nl

    Beurs Bouwplan, Thuis in Wonen
    From Thursday 28 until Saturday january 30th 2016 the fair Bouwplan, Thuis in Wonen takes place for the twentieth time, an anniversairy! The twentieth edition will have a festive touch, let youself be surprised during the fair! The last edition of the fair had a good 5200 visitors in the TT Hall in Assen.

    Website: www.beursbouwplan.nl

    Teacher of the year 2015
    Diederick de Vries of the Drenthe College has been chosen to Teacher of the year 2015 for the MBO. Mr. De Vries knows how to get students to acknowledge their power and support them on their journey to becoming who they are and where their heart lies. He gives math and makes vlogs to let his students understand his profession better.

    Youtube: Diederick de Vries

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