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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 104 | Music from the North of the Netherlands

A weekly dose of video clips produced by artist from the north.

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 104: Music from the North of the Netherlands

First aired: Saturday, 23 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

A weekly dose of video clips produced by artist from the north.

Martijn van der Zande – Beter Toen (from Groningen)

Martijn isn't any different on stage than he is in real life. He tells a story with every song. He writes music from his heart, composing beautiful songs is in his genes. Since he was 15 he has been writing his own songs in Dutch about love, loneliness, the passing of time and intimate moments.

Website: www.songwritermartijn.nl
Facebook: Martijn van der Zande

Martijje – Hoe hard dan ok de wind weit (from Drenthe)

The Drents singer Martijje has released her third studio album 'Evenwicht' in 2015. The title of the album is about finding balance between longings in life. This reflects on her life as an ambitious thirtier and as a mom of young kids. The album is sung in Martijje het mother language, Drents, and is a fresh combination of jazz, pop and samba.

Website: www.martijje.nl
Facebook: Martijje
Twitter: @martijje

Shjazz – Comes Love (from Groningen)

The tough woman behind Shjazz is Sharon Doelwijt who's originally from Paramaribo. Sharon is not only known for her clear voice but also because she really interacts with her audience. She combines charm with a warm voice and with dramatic elements on stage like we know them from Billie Holiday amongst others.

Website: www.shjazz.nl
Facebook: Shjazz

Ede Staal – 'T het nog nooit zo donker west (from Groningen)

Ede Staal started his musical career as a ten year old boy when he discovered his love for music. His closed character, his lifestyle and his talents are hard to name anyting other than: authentic. He has a unique sound and writes songs in English, German, Dutch, Danish, Eastern Frisian and in his own Gronings, not only for himself but also regularly for other artists.

Website: www.edestaal.nl
Facebook: Ede Staal

De Kast – De Hemel (from Friesland)

De Kast has always been more than a pop band. All albums have socially themed songs and good ballads. In 1993 the band gained national populairty with their song 'Morgen wordt het beter'. De Kast grew to be one of the most popular Dutch bands ever. It was also the first Dutch band who gave a stadionconcert.

Website: www.dekast.nl
Facebook: De Kast
Twitter: @DeKastMusic

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