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Puur Noord | Episode 77 | Water technology

    Puur Noord

    Episode 77: Water technology

    First aired: Tuesday, 26 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of Puur Noord it is all about the water technology.

    Metal Membranes

    Puur Noord of 26th January will focus on water technology. Presenter Menno Bakker gets a visit from Hans Henk Wolters of Metal Membranes. Water can be purified in various ways. An important method is membrane filtration. What happens then is that water is pressed through a so-called membrane. This membrane has extremely small openings, which makes all kinds of contaminations remain behind in the water, and purified water from leaking through. Hans Henk Wolters explains it in Puur Noord.

    Website: www.metalmembranes.com

    Westra Roestvaststaalindustrie

    Also Renze Westra of Westra Roestvaststaalindustrie joins the table. They work among others for food and beverage industry, dairy industry, petrochemical industry and shipbuilding. How do you build the business in a small Frisian village? And what is the cooperation with the water technology produced them?

    Website: www.westra-rvs.nl

    Water Alliance

    Hein Molenkamp director of the Water Alliance. Every year he receives dozens of delegations, ambassadors and speaks at international conferences. They organize the WIS award, an annual innovation that enables companies to pitch their innovation. And you win it, you win PR and marketing support worth 10.000 euros. Last week, the prize was awarded on Water Link, a major congress of the Water Alliance.

    Website: www.wateralliance.nl
    Facebook: Water Alliance
    Twitter: @WaterAllianceNL
    Youtube: Water Alliance

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