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Qwestie van tijd | Episode 4 | A straight line boundary

    Qwestie van tijd

    Episode 4: A straight line boundary

    First aired: Tuesday, 26 January 2016 at 17.32 hours

    In the late Middle Ages the current border between Groningen and Drenthe wasn't much more than a swamp.

    The Onstwedder farmers and the farmers from Valthe and Buinen fought their fights about their rights mutually. In 1615 stadtholder Willem Lodewijk gave command to putting up a border. Surveyors Johannes Sems and Johannes de la Haye completed that task. But that didn't stop the fights from happening: it took a good 200 years before the Semslinie, what the border wasa called, took the shape it has today. What's going on with that straight border with a weird nod is what you'll find out in this episode of Qwestie van Tijd.

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    About this program:

    How did Bonifatius die and why does the Semslinie make a sudden weird kink? In Qwestie van Tijd we investigate major and minor mysteries of regional history.

    In the search for answers our host Leonie Sinnema speaks with historians and other experts. And how well do people know the history of their hometown? Is it possible to unravel the the mysteries of history?