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N Channel | Episode 20 | Auke van der Meulen

    N Channel

    Episode 20: Auke van der Meulen

    First aired: Tuesday, 26 January 2016 at 18.24 hours

    Auke van der Meulen, director of IT services Get There. "We create solutions with Java and Microsoft technology, devise blueprints and have control over projects," he says.

    A fifty men employed entrepreneur hopes a little to grow. "In a natural way," Van der Meulen said - because there is plenty of competition at home and abroad. "Before the end of the year we want to ten people." The competition hopes to continue for the entrepreneur by "going much into conversation" with the customer. "We look at the questions behind the questions and will talk about the solution." As Van der Meulen has a "long-term" relationship built with RDW and already implemented several projects for the public service.

    Commission Elias
    However apron a lot of IT projects in the public sector, the Commission recently concluded Elias. "They have some known significant improvement," van der Meulen know - which itself was a plume of the committee. "You have to know that what you love driving and stay involved," said Van der Meulen. "ICT projects are often made too big. Then you have to grab the first failure factors already." The trick, according to Van der Meulen just to divide the project into phases and so to overlook the risks.

    Get There spends 8 percent of its turnover on innovation. "One of the examples is an online parent portal where parents can be easier involved in the school of their children." According to Van der Meulen his company is aware of the fact that knowledge is sold. "It's in our products, but our people are the basis of that knowledge. We therefore have great attention to our personnel."

    Website: www.getthere.nl

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