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Puur Noord | Episode 78 | Jo Willems, Gitte Brugman and Liesbeth Annokkee

    Puur Noord

    Episode 78: Jo Willems, Gitte Brugman and Liesbeth Annokkee

    First aired: Wednesday, 27 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In Puur Noord talks Jo Willems about new show of Roodpaleis, Gitte Brugman about Zilveren Camera 2015 and Liesbeth Annokkee talks about her new book.

    Jo Willems is the regular writer of theater collective Roodpaleis, the resident company of De Nieuwe Kolk in Assen. After in 2014 a representation have been made to work with  Drenthe playwright Jan Fabricius (1871 to 1964). Jo Willems crafted the story collection "Mensen die ik gekend heb" into a theatrical text. In the multidisciplinary show Ben Smith and Alina Kiers play alternately writer Jan Fabricius, his conscience and his characters. Premiere Thursday, January 28th at Assen. Furthermore, from February to December tour of theaters, schools, town homes and nursing homes in Drenthe.

    Website: http://www.roodpaleis.nl  (www.roodpaleis.nl)

    Photographer Gitte Brugman is one of the four monthly guests. She graduated in 2008 at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. She focuses on documentary photography and is also a reporter for the Leeuwarder Courant. This time she discusses work of four Northern finalists for the Zilveren Camera 2015, an important game for Dutch press photographers.

    Website: http://www.gittebrugman.nl (www.gittebrugman.nl) | http://www.zilverencamera.nl (www.zilverencamera.nl)

    Liesbeth Annokkee debuted in 2003 with the key novel "Nachtplantsoen”. The end of 2015 appeared "Het theater van Job”. She also previously wrote lyrics. Now she is sub teacher at Hanze University in Groningen where she gives oral communication to students studying law. She also hosts regular workshops writing prose. She also participates in 'Double Talent - The Rich Spoils', an exhibition and auction of works of poets and writers who show their visual side, from January 29 t / m March 18 in the Groninger Forum Library.

    Website: https://www.groningerforum.nl/events/derijkebuit (www.groningerforum.nl)

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